Wing – Virtual assistant for startups and SMEs

Wing Assistant help hundreds of businesses grow faster with virtual assistants.

Wing – Virtual assistant for startups and SMEs
Animation Illustration Mobile App UX/UI Design

Published: September 2023



United States



Web App Design
Mobile App Design
Custom Illustration
Marketing Design



Marketplace Platform

About the Project

Wing Assistant is an information tech company that provides virtual assistants for startups and small business. We have been collaborating since 2021, and during our partnership we’ve worked on the design of their mobile app, web app, and website.

The Challenge

Our challenge was to rebuild the visual style for their web and mobile app and develop a better version of their UI design while still maintaining design consistency of their brand.

The solution

We aimed to develop a better version while ensuring versatility and adaptability designs that can withstand the passage of tech advancement.

MacBook Pro mockup on a table with a plant in the background (Mockuuups Studio) (1)


Visual & typography

The redesign process of the product’s visuals and features involved utilizing the basic brand guidelines, which includes colors, fonts, and illustration styles that already established in their design system.


We’re adding new elements by seamlessly incorporate the new designs into the existing one that would bolster the brand identity and create a unified look.


Illustrations & icons

For the illustration style, we have decided to keep it as minimal and straightforward as possible with outline illustrations to ensure that the visuals don’t distract the readability of the content while still effectively conveying the intended message.


Ready to assist

We ensure that the product stays up to date, while also considering the user’s need for easy understanding and operation. We also prioritize excellence in visual UI and UX, given the presence of hundreds of screen flows.


Productive partnership

We created a timeless design for Wing that aligns perfectly with their evolving needs. The new design presents the product’s features in an efficient and relevant manner while staying true to their core image as a brand.

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