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We provide a one-stop solution for UI/UX designs and we are awesome at it! Our team creates an end-to-end design process with our prominent ace team that is ready to take care of your products, projects, and deadlines.

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Frequently asked questions

How many designers will I get for my project?

For every service that you choose, you will get one designer each. Designers are included in a design team which already consists of one project manager and one creative director. Ex: If you’re choosing UI design & UX design services, then you will get one project manager, one creative director, one UI designer and one UX designer.

What is the maximum number of designs can I request?

We provide you with unlimited design requests because we’re a full-service design solution. We can take care of all of your design problems, as long as the project scope will fit the project period.

What if I’m not satisfied with the designs?

That’s okay! As we provide unlimited design requests, we also give you unlimited revisions. Your satisfaction is our number one priority and we take it seriously.

Can I request additional designers?

Yes, you could. In times of rush, you may need to have more hands on the team, we can provide you with an additional designer that costs only $30/hour.

What about unused time?

The time allocated according to the project timeline that isn’t being used, will be expired.

What if there is a holiday time?

Orely Studio will be following Indonesia’s national holiday time. Therefore, our team will always notify you in case of an oncoming holiday to transfer the unused day to an additional date with your agreement.

Can I get a discount?

Of course! Check out our offers for three months and annual project period and you will receive up to 20% discount!

When will I receive the invoices and expect to make the payment?

Before we start the project, we will invoice you first and after we receive the payment, we can collaborate and start your project immediately.

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