Cropconex – Simplifies coffee commodities

Streamlines the sales & transport of coffee across the supply chain.

Cropconex – Simplifies coffee commodities
Animation Illustration UX/UI Design Website

Published: September 2023



New York,
United States



Landing Page Design
Custom Illustration
Marketing Design



& Logistics

About the project

CropConex is a platform that simplifies coffee supply chain in one digital ecosystem by bringing the trading infrastructure online. Orely was asked to design an innovative web design to help educate its users on topics related to coffee trading infrastructure.

The Challenge

Our challenge is to develop visuals that can effectively communicate various concepts throughout the platform to people with varying levels of technical literacy.

The Solution

Creating a modern, user-friendly website, and utilizing a flat botanical illustration style to effectively convey coffee industry concepts to a diverse audience.

frame1 frame2 frame3


Visual & typography

Our approach is to create a neat, clean layout that complements the coffee plantation illustrations. We’ve improved the color palette to enhance our illustrations and UI design while effectively conveying the intended message to users.

color-pallate Typography


Illustration & icons

Orely’s collaboration with CropConex aimed at creating a modern, welcoming, infor-mative, and user-friendly website, from concept to implementation. Both teams found that the flat botanical illustration style successfuly emphasizes the details of coffee plants, such as leaves, flowers, or coffee beans.

illust1 illust1


New cup of coffee

We’ve worked through dozen of design and illustration concepts throughout the collaborative process and successfully create a striking design for their website
and landing page.

experience1 experience1 experience3


Fruitful collaboration

We brought CropConex’s website back to life by redesigning it with a clear purpose, highlighting what they do and what they offer.


The smooth delivery and captivating design also succeeded in effectively conveying information, resulting in increased website traffic and visitors.

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