SukaTrip – Making your fun way through Sukabumi!

SukaTrip, providing verified or crowdsourced tourist information.

SukaTrip – Making your fun way through Sukabumi!
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Published: September 2023


About the project

SukaTrip is a solution offering to remediate the lack of a digital tourism infrastructure in Sukabumi by providing verified or crowdsourced tourist information.


How did we understand the problem?

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    Survey uncovered that a lot of people worried about the lack of tourist site information, particularly pricing, before going.

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    A lot of the tourist sites don’t have any digital infrastructure coverage making it hard to check beforehand.

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    The interviews also uncovered problems with access to the tourist sites themselves, with roads that are sometimes patchy or nonexistent.



We created personas in order to have a more clearly delineated way of thinking about the users we are going to serve.


Asep, a thirty-year old man with a wife and family who likes to go out to Sukabumi’s beaches, but complains about the lack of information of consistent pricing on the tourist sites.


Rini, a twenty-three year old student who likes to explore Sukabumi’s waterfalls (”curug”) but doesn’t have access to her own transportation; relies on friends’ trips to get through, but sometimes wants to go on her own with public/local transportation.


What angle did we take to solve these problems?

The problems discovered during the earlier phases are crystallized into questions using the “how might we…” method.

6 HMWs

We explored 6 HMWs from how to provide accurate pricing information, navigating public transport, to joining open trips and communities.


Our way of trying to brainstorm these problems. We got out of the office together, folded a sheet of paper to make eight different sections, and sketched new ideas on each fold.


Paper prototyping

These problems are then prioritized with the help of a prioritization matrix, made into user flows, wireframed, and prototyped.

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    The Prioritization Matrix

    Helps to separate immediately usable and easy ideas from the harder to solve ones that require more time and effort.

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    User Flows

    Help establish the ways the user can perform a task within the app. Another advantage is also that flows can be tested before implementing the wireframe.

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    Helps because these wireframes can be made into low-fidelity prototypes which are then user tested before coming into high-fidelity designs.

Design process

Visual & typography

We chose the color style based on Sukabumi’s natural beauty. The greens represent the ubiquitous greens you can find in Sukabumi and the blues are inspired by the seas and the clean skies.

Main Features

Skippable onboarding

The onboarding screen provides a nice overview of the app’s functions but planned to be skippable for little hassle onboarding experience.

Main Features

Explore places

Top destinations at the top, followed by activities and events you might like. Each places will be presented with precise detail and their own video.

Main Features

Plan your trip

The app automatically estimates how much time and cost to travel between destinations for easier planning and decision making.


Your journey starts here

Vacationing has never been this easy. We focus on helping users explore Sukabumi, discover what it has to offer, and create detailed itinerary.

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