We receive approximately a third of our clients specializing in mental health & our passion drives us to learn deeper about designing for mental health.

Mental health issues

Approximately 4.4% of the global population suffers from some form of mental issue, we’re driven to help alleviate this problem in a holistic manner.

App boom

The industry has also experienced a boom, with the market projected to reach $17 billion (USD) by 2030.

Meet Oni

The green spring onion

A spring onion reminds us of zest, empowerment, and freshness; qualities we’d like to have embodied in someone who talks with us about mental health.


Oni is friendly, but not overly friendly, zesty, but not toxic positive, and gregarious, but can be assertive.


Oni is here to make life a little bit easier for the users, encouraging them to be honest each day, and work towards a better mental health.


Visual & typography

The colors chosen for Oni represent the spring onion, with secondary colors that complement its green. We focus on creating a safe yet fresh and positive environment.

Main Features

Exercises flow

Exercises flow is personalized to facilitate easy selection of exercises. The play screen itself adapts with amount of content in an exercise list.

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    The amount of exercises is limited to reduce decision paralysis for users with anxiety.

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    Lack of carousels make it easier for people not familiar with tech and the visually-impaired.

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    Two most important options in this flow are given shortcuts directly at the home page.

Main Features

Therapist flow

The therapist flow is specifically designed to facilitate easy consultation with therapists in two modes. One for instant booking and the other for booking therapists who require talking first. Therapists are free to edit specializations and it will show on their page.


Journal flow

Easy journaling — all of the activities the user made will be presented in the journal. Streaks can be turned off to avoid causing addiction and anxiety. The journal is also lockable with a passcode to allow users complete privacy.


Terrific output!

We focus on making this app entice a safe feeling in all users. We make sure no one gets left behind and everyone can get onboard.

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